Blended learning training projects

WHY is blended learning training a must today?

The major cost of training, is the cost of people being absent from their work post, not being productive while being entertained in a training. People don’t need to group together to listen to a lecture or assemble information. Information is available today, in different formats, at your finger tips.

Blended learning allows people to drive their own engaged learning process forward and fit it to their learning styles.

“Group training time” needs to used optimal for further integration;  for testing things out in a safe enviroment;  for learning by interaction;  for deeper reflection and questioning; to fall, stand up, try again, get feedback, improve, discuss hesitances. 

That is why we like to channel “pure information” into prework and inspiring post reflections or readings.   

blended learning

WHAT is blended learning training?

Blended learning training consists of a mixture of learning methods that incorporate multiple learning formats: face-face training, pre-work, readings, video’s, e-learning assignments, group work, peer exchanges, personal reflections, coaching, action learning, portfolio work, individual and group challenges,  etc. 

In leadership and communication trainings, we like to speak about ‘learning journeys’ in stead of a ‘training’

The essence of a learning process is that the learning cycle gets completed. What was once theory must become practise. What is a practical hint, must be understood in the ‘why’, etc. (Kolb)

HOW do we build a blended learning journey?

During the intake, we explore the following elements:

  • What are the set objectives for the target group?
  • What is their level of motivation for autonomous learning and learning agility?
  • What are the internal resources (LMS, e-learning platform, …)
  • We offer our didactical insights to select or build inspirational pre-work, pre-reading, videos, motivational triggers, post assignments, reflections, … 
  • We check if you have internal coaches for the follow-up, for group coaching or action learning and if not, we can train them.
  • We build sustainable tools to enhance the transfer of knowledge towards the daily practise.
Coaching Training Blended Learning

Blended training journeys with proven effects

The following subjects have been developped for our clients:


  • Coaching Skills for leaders and supervisors – “Coaching for Perfomance”  “Coaching for development”
  • Leadership skills – leadership in different dimensions
  • Communication with impact 
  • Powerful questions
  • Optimising Influencing skills 
  • Optimising Decision making skills
  • Optimising Presentation skills 
  • Facilitating Skills
  • Motivational principles applied
  • Upward communication
  • Feedback is a gift
  • Growing into conflict maturity
  • Leading Change 
  • Implementing Change
  • Dealing with emotional reactions 
  • Improving pro-activeness
  • Observing your team maturity and definining next developmental steps (for leaders)

Blended learning programs designed by Leen Lambrechts-Noël

Terumo HR coaching program
DS SMITH coaching program
Duracell - leadership in dimensions
ING center of excellence trainers coach-the-coach
Securitas Feedback is a gift program

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We like to build on “what is available” and on what works best for you!