Group supervision for coaches

Being supervised in a group of professional coaches

WHY is group supervision for coaches necessary?

Each coach has learned his profession by falling down and getting up again. A coach training offers you the basics and from then onwards, you are on your own. With each client you make (un)conscious decisions. Each coaching session has decisive moments. Each coaching relation affects us. Many coaching topics trigger us in our own evolution as human beings. 

Just like therapists, professionally trained coaches need supervision. Coach supervision helps you to maintain our high ethical and professional coach standards. 

Organisations looking for a coach, need a form of a continued quality assurance. Being able to show your certificate is a good start, but that was just a momentum in your coaching career. 

Coaches meet challenging clients topics daily. We know that every challenge says as much about our own developmental topics as abpit our own maturity. Being able to share doubts and exchange ideas in a trustful group, inspires us for further growth. Being supervised by a more experienced coach gives us the support we need to continuously provide the best services to our clients


Group supervision with Leen Lambrechts

WHAT is coach supervision about?

For more information, examples, cases on group supervisions can be found on these websites: 



HOW are group supervisions organised?

Group supervisions are small group gathering of professional coaches. The group size is between 4 and 8 coaches, who commit to gather 4 to 6 times a year. 

Group supervisions for coaches could be both on-line as face to face or a combination of both.  The purpose is to reflect in depth and to conclude for our practise.

Before entering a group, the supervisor will explore during an intake your motivation and your expecations. During the first group session, we make a group contract for everybody to be able to join mentally and emotionally. 

The more mature the group gets, the more they can co-create the session and choose methods used to address specific questions or cases.

All group members learn collaboratively from the cases brought by other members. 

An accredited supervisor adds value by bringing his/her independant perspective and experience next to this of the group members. 

For more information, examples, cases on group supervisions can be found on this website:

Want to join a Group Supervion for (team)coaches?

A set times, a new group is starting up, both on-line and face-face.

Let us know your interest and we will invite you!