Coach - the - Coach

Be stretched in your coaching skills by an experienced Master Certified coach with more than 25 years of experience in Coach Training and Coach Supervision.

WHY would you need coach-the-coach sessions?

Coaches who take themselves and their profession serious, are constantly reflecting about how to optimise their coaching skills.  You may need support to grow in specific competencies such as:

  • deep questioning skills,
  • direct communication such as confrontation, mirroring, giving back your impressions in a coaching style,
  • probing in depth for limiting beliefs,
  • applying specific tools,
  • regulating own emotions and boundaries,
  • being “present” during emotional moments,
  • deep self-reflection,
  • a self-confidence boost after a few difficult sessions
  • … 
keep growing as a professional coach

Being coached on these topics will boost your competencies u needed for the certification with ICF or EMCC.

Goach-the-coach sessions

HOW do coach-the-coach sessions work?

You will be coached in a limited number of sessions on specific topics by an ICF Master Certified Coach.

You set the objective, co-define the coaching methods. We make a deep dive to connect with your hidden talents and resources, free you from limiting beliefs, free yourself from developmental trauma’s that may be hindering your future growth as coach.

Where necessary, we work with a video-play-back method to get a cristal clear view of what ICF or EMCC mean with a specific competency. 

You will receive an ICF mentor-coach attest from the coach, which can be used for renewals of your ICF certificate.

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