Individual Coach Supervision

Individual Coach Supervision with Leen Lambrechts

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WHAT is Individual Coach Supervision?

Coach Supervision is different from mentor-coaching. 

Mentor coaching focuses on the development of the coaching skills, mainly in the context of a professional coach persuing a next level of certification as coach.
Coaching Supervision offers the coach a broader opportunity for support and development. In supervision, the coach discusses periodically work experiences with the supervisor. They both engage in a collaborative learning and reflective dialogue, benefiting both the coach and his clients.  

Examples of topics addressed in coach supervision: 

  • Emotional triggers while working with clients
  • Working with a client that is stuck
  • Empowerment and  validation for work done
  • Exploring relational issues with a specific client
  • Ethical dilemmas
3 functions of the coach supervisor

Effects of Individual Supervision (in Dutch) (1 min 14)

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Leen Lambrechts-Noël is an Accredited Coach Supervisor. 
She works together with a team of other Accredited Supervisors