Group coaching & Action learning (intervision)

WHY group coaching or action learning / intervision?

Group coaching benefits group members to:

  • Promote systemic thinking
  • Build reflective capacities
  • Develop reframing and  questioning qualities
  • Boost problem-solving
  • Increase group communication skills


Today we need to tap into collective intelligence and leave old paradigms of internal competition behind us.

Collective intelligence and group coaching

Organisations are as strong as the weakest chain. That is why we need to lift up each other by building on complementarity, know-how, insights and reflections. 

A group coach facilitates this kind of discussions through specific methodologies. 

Group Coaching and Action Learning

WHAT is group coaching?

Group coaching is coaching ‘in group’. The professional coach will either coach one or more group members at the same time.

In between phases, the group members may as well coach each other to get more clarity on specific elements before the group coach takes the lead again. 

A great group coaching works like a ‘container’ for the members because all are focussed on a similar objective. The cross fertisation of ideas for further growth is very enriching. 

This format can be a cost effective coaching format when people have similar coaching objectives. 

WHAT is action learning or intervision?

Action learning (also called ‘intervision’ in Dutch) is a process that involves small groups to work on specific  work problems or challenges. So, intervision is a ‘intercolleagial’ learning method,  guided by a facilitating chairperson who is keeping the focus on the goal and the process steps.

The problem solving process is called the “Action Learning Cycle” whereby members go through different phases:

  1. Identify the problem and rephrase it into an objective
  2. Discuss and reflect together to find out what key essences are to improve
  3. Identity different leverage actions and discuss implementations hints
  4. Reflect on the problem solving process, plan and evaluate results

You may recognise the Deming PDCA circle or the KOLB learning cycle in these phases.

Action Learning Process

A well trained action group facilitator will use different methods to progress together. This role requires specific facilitation skills as well as insights on how to handle group dynamics.

We can guide your internal facilitators to become able to lead action learning groups themselves.

Looking for a Group Coach
or Action Learning or Intervision Facilitator?

Either  you can call upon us to have your group coaching or action learning / intervision facilitated by us.

Either, we can offer you guidance in becoming more able to lead group coaching or actions learning yourself !