Building a coaching culture
Building a feedback culture

WHY do we need a coaching culture or a feedback culture?

A coaching attitude in the workplace will create

  • a nurturing environment for employees to keep growing professionally while being alligned with the organisations mission, vision and company values
  • a higher employee engagement because of the encouraging and challenging leadership style
  • better communication quality and flows
  • better team work 
  • growth in agility and resilience for team members
In a nutshell:  Coaching Culture and Feedback Cultures are enhancing a GROWTH MINDSET, replacing a fixed mindset which limits our choices because we want to keep doing what we always did. In our VUCA world, people need to develop a POSSIBILITY MINDSET and that is exactly what a coaching culture is promoting.
possibility mindset
Building a coaching culture Hawkins

WHAT is a coaching culture?

In a coaching culture, the organisation adopts coaching practises as an integral way of managing and developing their people. They recognise that organisational growth is done through investing in individual growth. 

In a coaching organisation managers will recognise when a coaching approach is appropriate and when to apply other leadership styles. The coaching style is widely applied  and managers see it an effective and efficient way of managing staff performance and improving business performance.

Typical behaviours in a coaching organisation are:

  • Within specific areas, employees are invited to come up with own solutions and ways to achieve the set goals
  • Managers are applying coaching skills and a coaching attitude during team meetings and bi-lateral conversations
  • Within set boundaries, people are involved in decision making processes and will feel more commited and involved
  • Problems are explored in a non-judgmental way, by asking the question ‘what can we learn from this for the future’.
  • Employees will recognise their own responsibilities and challenges and are the leader of their self developmental journey.
We are specialised to offer your leaders and team members blended trainings journey to develop their coaching skills and their coaching attitude to create the coaching culture together.

What is a feedback culture?

A feedback culture can be considered as a  starting point to create a coaching culture. In a feedback culture, we welcome feedback as growth opportunities for individuals, the team and the organisation.  The voices of all employees are valued. Only by being open to different opinions, we can align even better. 

Typical behaviours in a feedback culture:

  • There is a huge openess for different perspectives or view points. It is only by expressing differences that re-connection can be made. 
  • Feedback is considered as breakfast for champions, so feedback fosters the GROWTH mindset. That is why giving feedback is part of the daily routine, just like breakfast is.
  • Faillure is not existing, there is only feedback. Mistakes are  considered as an investment in further growth and learning. Negative repercutions are only possible after multiple collaborative discussions about improvement of unadapted behaviours.
  • One – one meetings are really bi-lateral, not one way conversations
  • In team meetings, there is room for personal check-in and check-out moments, to allow people to connect as humans. 
Feedback culture and growth mindset
  • Leaders are asking as much for feedback and suggestions to improve, as their team members do.
  • When decisions are made, reference is made to the ones who contributed.
  • Improvements and evolutions are made visual for the team, and success is celebrated.

We are specialised in supporting leaders to overcome emotional and rational reasons why people don’t give or cannot receive feedback.  Invite us for a free intake conversation.

HOW can we support you, to grow a coaching culture or feedback culture?

Depending on the stage that your are in, we can support you with the following steps to take:

  • Define what a feedback culture or a coaching means for your organisation to set achievable but challenging objectives
  • Support you to design the organisational change process
  • Provide tools, surveys and sensibilisation material to start the discussion about the desired culture
  • Provide training on ‘feedback is a gift’, big scale events, action learning groups, …  for people to open up a discussion related to the ‘psychological safety’ underlying their fears to speak their truths.  Skill training needs to be complemented with in depth discussions and coachings about their feedback or coaching mindsets.
  • Facilitate organisational supervision for leaders who are leading the internal change process 
  • Provide team coaching, group coaching, professional coaching to overcome hindrances to apply the desired behaviours and attitudes.

Invite us for an intake meeting

We like to co-create the change process as business partners. 

We will challenge you to take on what you can do yourself, and complement you with tools, support, coaching, traininng, … as required.
It is our goal to be the supporter of your growth as organisation into a feedback culture or coaching culture!